Lover des Feux de l'Ange

(CH Fée Nomène des Feux de l'Ange X G'Zouk du Mûrier de Sordeille)

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Call name : Lover

Date of birth : October,7 2015

Size : 70 cm

Weight :

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Temperament: Lover is a very athletic dog with a lot of drive. He is versatile and always gives his 100% no matter what activity we do. He does agility, herding, canicross (as well as bikejoring and sledding in winter), obedience and rally obedience. Lover is a sociable dog that is easy to get along with other dogs. He loves to play with puppies and is very patient with them. He is also protective and a very good guardian.

Health (OFA and Pennhip certification) :


Hips (Pennhip) : 0,30/0,30
OFA Hips : Excellent
OFA Elbows : Normal
OFA Heart : Normal (auscultation + echo)
OFA eyes : Normal
OFA Degenerative Myelopathy: Normal/clear
OFA Von Willebrands : Normal/Clear