Sales conditions

I sell my puppies 2400$ (+ tax). They are ready to leave at the age of 9 weeks old and are sold :

indoor puppy pen
outdoor puppy pen
outdoor puppy pen
4 weeks old puppy
New born puppy
Puppies playing with an adult (Lover)
7 weeks old puppy

My puppy rearing program

My puppies are raised according to Puppy Culture and Avidog's development and socialisation standards. My puppy rearing program includes mental development and stimulation, social and physical development, optimal nutrition and health.

Mental development and stimulation

Social development

Physical development



* Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) results from a US military program called Bio sensor that was developped to enhance dog natural abilities. ENS involves subjecting pups aged between 3 and 16 days to mild forms of stimulation and leads to :

*Early Scenting Stimulation (ESI) is a way of stimulating the puppies sense of smell. It helps develop interest in scenting, the ability to detect scents and the ability to follow scents. It is particularly intersting for dogs that will perform in work or sports that involves scenting abilities such as tracking, obedience trials, search and rescue, odor detection, etc.
From days 3 to 16, you present the puppies once at a time with some time of novel scent to sniff. These scents can and should vary from natural outdoor scents (like leaves, grass, dirt, flowers) to pungent herbs and spices (cinnamon, sage, ginger etc) to fruits and veggies (lemon, banana, green pepper), and also scents associated with sports or activities they may be involved in as they mature (tennis balls, leather gloves, sheep wool, etc).