Breeding program

The well being of my dogs is very important for me, every dog has adequate nutrition, an exercise program and veterinary care. My bitches don't have a litter before the age of 2 years and are retired at about 5-6 years old. They do not have more than one litter per year and won't have more than 3-4 litters in their entire life.

My aim is to produce beaucerons with excellent temperament, health and conformation.


I only select dogs who are sociable, confident, without agressivity, fear or anxiety and who comes from bloodlines that proved to produce dogs with good stable temperaments

The beauceron is a working dog, I select my dogs on their working abilities, especially in herding. I want versatile dogs with a strong herding instinct, a strong desire to work with me, a good impulse control and a lot of drive at work but who are also calm when we're at home.

My dogs works in herding, agility, canicross and we do sled dog in the winter.

My puppies make excellent companions for active families !


My dogs are tested for:


Conformation is very important, not only for working dogs but also for a companion dogs. A dog with a good conformation is less likely to suffer from injuries and is more likely to live a long active life.


My puppies are raised in the house, they are socialized with young children and other animals. I spend a lot of time with my puppies and I know them very well, so that I can help you do find the best companion or working dog for you.

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